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How can I use variable list in set analysis

Hi all,

I have an issue in getting my formula to Work when using multible values in a variable.

Image 1 is an inputbox with ordernumbers

and my set analysis formula is

=num(sum({1< OrderNumber = {"$(=V_Excluded)"} >} OpenordersAmountDKK) ,'#.##0')

If I only have one value, the formula Works just fine, but I would like it to Work with the possibility of more entries.

Any good ideas out there?

Thx in advance.

2 Replies

Try to use commas instead of semicolons as separator in the input box, then

=num(sum({1< OrderNumber = {$(=V_Excluded)} >} OpenordersAmountDKK) ,'#.##0')

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worked like a charm. Thank you very much