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How can reflect selections into stright table from listbox?


Please find attached qvw document below

I have some kpi' in stright table like (sum(salary),avg(salary))

i have loaded measure as inline.

if i select more than one field in measure it is not reflecting in stright table that related kpi's

also i have year,year1 as two list boxes if i select year=2013 then 2013 won't be shown in year1 list box like that for all years.

can you please suggest me how can i link to multipul selections in measure should reflect the strigh table.

and also if i select on dimension list box it should be display as dimesnion in strightable

(Please note i need this report in Qlikview10)

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Just added the conditional to all 3 expressions and removed one selected limit on measure. See attached.



Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein

For all dimensions and expressions, you need to set the correct conditional expression.

For the dimensions:

=SubStringCount('|' & Concat(distinct dimeansion, '|') & '|', '|emp_no|')

and this for each dimension emp_no, emp_name, dept_no

For the expressions

=SubStringCount('|' & Concat(distinct measure, '|') & '|', '|Avg|')

and this for each expression Avg, Sum, Count

After this you selections in the list boxes measure and dimension will be reflected in the straight table.

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thanks it will be wotk on qv11 but in qv10 it is not working


Yes - the conditional dimensions and expressions will not work in QV10. In QV10 you need to use calculated dimensions for conditional dimensions (with the condition in the calculation) and you can conditionally show or hide expression columns (but they are still calculated). For the functionality that you require you should be upgrading to QV11.



Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein