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How did you decide on QlikView?

I'm doing an analysis with QlikTech about how new users decided on QlikView. If you have a minute, you could help us a lot by letting us know a few things about how you got here. Please take a look at the following questions and tell us what you can.

  1. What business intelligence or data analysis tools had you been using?
  2. What did you hear about QlikView that caught your attention?
  3. What was your role in the decision?
  4. What were the critical factors in the process, features, price, and people? What, if anything, was the tipping point?
  5. If you had to do it over, what would you do differently?
  6. What other tools did you consider? For example, Tableau, Spotfire, cloud tools, Business Objects, SAS, SAP, Cognos, etc.
  7. What tools do you still use now?
  8. What experience did you have in data analysis before using QlikView?
  9. What if any experience did you have with sales people, whether representing QlikTech or anyone else?
  10. What else about your path to this point seems relevant?

If you'd rather talk on the phone and keep it private, I'd be happy to call you. Just email me: TC9 at datadoodle.com. All info you give there is strictly for internal use at QlikTech.