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How do I reference a table in my load script

I am attempting to reference a set of data that is already loaded in my script. It returns an error message that it is not able to find the referenced column. Is there a particular way I need to approach this? The primary_staff.primary staff id is what I am trying to reference.

IF([Primary Staff ID] = [Primary_Staff.Primary Staff ID], 'Y', 'N') as "Meeting Eligible"

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You can't just reference a field that is not part of the input table like this.

You would either need to JOIN the tables containing both fields, then do a resident load for the comparison,

map the referenced field using APPLYMAP(), or use LOOKUP().

Can't tell what you should use here without knowing the structure of your tables and the requirement.

I would suggest that you look into all three concepts (JOIN / MAPPING / LOOKUP) to see which fits your needs best.