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How do I send a URL via macro with Bookmark ID?

I have scoured the forums looking for a straight-forward answer and have come up with null results.  *sigh*.  I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but I couldn't find it.

Here is my scenario:

  • I have a button that creates a doc bookmark based off of a variables that I generate from username and a time/date stamp: 
    • Variable examples:
      • vCRBookMarkName = CR-QG_20150430
      • vCRBookMarkID = CRQG_150430

Small sample set of the code:

sub mCreateSendBookMark

set docprop = ActiveDocument.GetProperties

docprop.AllowServerBookmarks = true

ActiveDocument.SetProperties docprop

ActiveDocument.CreateDocBookmark true, getVariable("vCRBookMarkName"),getVariable("vCRBookMarkID"),1

  • I then have the script(macro) create an email to display all the pertinent information for our help-desk team.  The issue i am having is that the URL for the QV app via Ajax, on our server, cannot correctly display the BM ID since there is no way to call up the id by GetProperties and such.  Even with using the CreateDocBookmark with a BM Name and a BM ID, the ID still does not get populated correctly.  It just defaults to "BM01... " etc.

So, how do I create a bookmark via macro and use that bookmark name or ID in a concatenated string to display the correct bookmark link so that our Help-Desk team can click the link in the email and go straight to the filtered data?

See attached png files showing what we get when bookmark is created via Ajax (IE Explorer) or on the Server: QV Desktop App.

Thanks in advance for any help you "gurus" can give me.