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How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

My company is right in the middle of an ERP implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. In addition we're leveraging Demantra for demand planning and ASCP (An Oracle EBS product) for forecasting. Interesting enough all of these products are from Oracle so quite naturally we took a hard look at OBIEE and initially decided it would be the way to go assuming there would be very tight integration with all the other Oracle products we were purchasing. However, the reality is, while OBIEE is a very good collection of tools, it's a beast from a support perspective and we just didn't have the available IT resources to support this more "traditional" bi platform. Cost was a factor as well as we would have been all in at about $2 million. This included software which by the way was quite cheap and implementation estimates from our consulting partner which made up the lions share of this amount.

We came across Qlikview and quickly realized that for my company this is probably all we really need. After speaking to and getting reassurance from several QlikTech customers we entered into a proof of concept which basically sealed the deal. There are several points where QlikView trumps the competion:

1. Time to value (nothing on the market today will get you answering your tough business questions quicker)

2. User adoption (developer and end user)

3. Initial cost (hardware can be expensive depending upon your data needs)

4. Much reduced reliance on IT (huge advantage)

With QlikTech's pending IPO, they are about to become mainstream very quickly. Don't be surprised if one of the big boys (Oracle perhaps) decides to eliminate the competition and buys this company and puts it under the Oracle umbrella.

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How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

We are now redefining our BI strategy and are using two platforms:

- QlikView 9

- OBIEE 11g. I remark we are using "11g" version which, form my point of view, is much more user - friendly than previous ones

Our experience says those tools are not comparable, as they perform for different purposes:

- QlikView user experience is really, really great when applied to analytic bi scenarios. Nevertheless, from IT perspective, there are some aspects to improve for large deployments: metadata management, collaboration, user management, reporting, ...

- OBIEE user experience is not so good, but performs very well for traditional bi scenarios, such us reporting. From IT perspective is very good and scalable. From our point of view, performs very well in performance management and financials scenarios.

Difficult decission then... Would be nice if next releases of QlikView improve server functionalities related to large deployments or if OBIIEE would have such a tool... In fact, we are thinking in integrating both worlds as much as possible:

- common LDAP

- common Data Warehouse, at least the foundation layer

- ...

Do you have some ideas or experiences related to this integration??? or integrating QlikView into large BI and DWH platforms???



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How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

In my view OBIEE is the worst BI product I have experienced. Granted I have not used the recently released 11g version, but I used the 10g version for the past 2 years and all the time I was wishing that I could go back to business objects which I had used in my past. That is until I discovered QlikView. If I now have to rank the 3 tools which I have used in the past 10 years, OBIEE will get a score of 2, business objects 5 & QlikView 10.

The biggest disadvantage which I see in OBIEE is that it needs a star schema or a make-believe star schema at the meta-data level. Its not a user friendly tool at all. Even from an IT developer perspective, it takes a whole lot to make sure that the rpd is correct. I personally did not like the repository being file based (especially coming from Oracle).

I am so glad that I finally switched over from OBIEE to QlikView.

Good Luck,


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How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

We recently installed OBIEE 11g to our sandbox environment, but it was like walking through 'hell'!

I have experience with QV server installation&configuration and it's like one max 2 hrs, but with OBIEE it took 2 weeks installations and configurations (for 'first' experience administrator). There is so many manuall variables you have to set up in enviroment. The obiee isn't after installation running as a service (one would expect it, after all it's server installation) but as a separate Java windows. So when you logg of it runs down. And there is lot of small annoyng steps (often manual and solution can be found on forums) to make it running.

Anyway the price policy is far away from QV: see oracle shop.

But I must admint that the visual look of OBIEE 11g is much nicer than previous 10g and can be seen even the dynamic behaviour.

In comparison to QV 10, the QV is now fully suitable for enterprise solutions.

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Re: How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

Hi Julio,

It's been quite a while since you posted this. Can you provide your experience with OBIEE and Qlikview/Qliksense integration? Pros and cons or what is the scenario where either one of them makes a good choice over the other one.

Can we utilize OBIEE's security model into Qlik and OBIEE's data model into Qlik?

We are in the same phase as you were and your inputs will be really valuable to us.



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Re: How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

Hi All

Recently i have encountered an requirement where

My user wants to get output based on his input values and it is not possible with the help of qlikview and is possible in Cognos

When the user entered value is my base data and there is a lot of calculation on top of this user entered data qlikview is no where giving solution in this case

I lost my credibility today. Because of this requirement.