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How much doest QlikView Cost in your Company ?


I'm working in a company as QlikView Developer in a business unit but not IT services. IT is billing licence, server and service to business.

I'm want to benchmark my company with other in term of average cost per user.

Can you share this type of information with the community, and if you are working as a consultant, share your experience on this subject ?


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Re: How much doest QlikView Cost in your Company ?

Qlikview pricing is available here.


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Re: How much doest QlikView Cost in your Company ?

I know this prices, but there are costs to add for me. For example, time IT employes working on qlikview.

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Re: How much doest QlikView Cost in your Company ?

There's no comparison. Each Company/Department/Employee has its own pace.

Some of them can't live without QlikView, others barely glance over dashboards once a week/month.

Some of them have 3 or 4 projects already aligned for development, others doesn't want to hear about new projects.

Some of them constantly want to improve the applications, others are happy with what they already have.

Some of them do their own changes, others calls a developer to bold a font.

Some of them are heavily invoiced for every pixel changed, others have their own developer.

Some of them have a good IT manager who can evaluate the real cost/benefit of any request, others let that in charge of the users.

And simply put, different developers have different productivity. Even the same developer can perform better or worse depending on.... his girlfriend, for example

What you can do, is to install one of the available QlikView Server log analyzer applications and check out user activity.

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Re: How much doest QlikView Cost in your Company ?

Hi Christophe,

The cost per users is quite high here at the moment as we have far more licenses that we are actually using.

I created some applications to manage the document CALs to change the number allocation to documents depending on the current number assigned and also to remove document cals where the document had not been used for over 24 hours.

The average cost per user will depend on the type of licenses you require?  Do you know if you will need all Named users licenses of can you get away with using documents cals ?

Without giving too much detail the list price for the software we have here divided by the number of daily users comes to about $5000 !!!

This will be reduced soon and we have plans to increase the number or users, start using ipads etc...