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Re: How much lines QlikView can read from txt file?

Yes! I can download the x64 version. Moreover will have to download it. Because x32 version is not functional.

It's look like an interface to provided exaples. Because reading real data crushed it. It's stopped unexpectedly on 682564 line. The text file is with only one column! QlikView when reading occupied maximum 500Mb in RAM and finished. It's internal limitations.

Moreover, when i've closed "qvw" file and read new one text file it's crushed.

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Re: Re: How much lines QlikView can read from txt file?

I did a small test and I had no problem create or read a txt wile with more then 682564 lines. Tested both with x64 and x86 version of v11.20 SR3.

I think its has to do with your machine for some reason running out of resources or that the problem is to the data you are using ex. including EOF symbols etc.

Attached the test data I used.