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How to Calculate aggr for performance in expression

Hi, please help me

I want show this condition (see attachment) when all filters are removed this formula is not work, but if Filter I choose Month this formula is work. What should I do?

This my formula for High Perfomance:

if( SUM(AGGR(if([Status Performance]='Good',1,0),Aspek,Bulan,Name)) >6 ,1)
,Name, Bulan, Tahun))

This my formula for Medium Perfomance:

if(SUM(AGGR(if([Status Performance]='Good',1,0),Aspek, Bulan, Name))>=4 and SUM(AGGR(if([Status Performance]='Good',1,0),Aspek, Bulan, Name)) <=6,1)
,Name, Bulan, Tahun))

This is formula for Low Performance:

sum(aggr(if(SUM(AGGR(if([Status Performance]='Good',1,0),Aspek, Bulan, Name))<4,1),FTO, Bulan, Tahun))

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Re: How to Calculate aggr for performance in expression

How do you get performance High =1, when there is 6 Medium Performance?

If I understand your logic correctly, Medium Performance have to be greater than 6 in order for the expression to reflect as High.

Did I missed out something here?


Re: How to Calculate aggr for performance in expression

Fia, the best I have in addition to what Arthur posted is the following:


There are quite a few posts on AGGR in the Design Blog area, so if the above and the other links included in that post do not completely help, try the base URL for the area and search yourself to see if you can find something more specific...



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