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Creator III
Creator III

How to Export Qlikview report to Power point and Excel ?


I am very much new to Qlik, I installed the Qlikview November 2017 SR6 Personal Edition and started to build sample reports. (which we originally have in Power BI).  I built the reports and couldn't able to export the visuals as is in Excel and into PPT.

Please help me answer my questions as I didn't find correct relative information about exporting the visuals.

  1. How can we export all the Qlikview visuals in one PPT?
  2. How can we export the visuals in excel as is, and play with it in Excel?
  3. I cannot able to export to Excel and powerpoint in my Personal Edition, Is it something I need to have the licensing version? If so what are the steps I need to follow?           

I would really appreciate if someone sheds some light on this topic.

thanks in advance.

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in the options dialog for every QlikView object, on the "caption" tab, there should be a checkbox for "export to Excel" and "export as image". The latter one can be used to embed objects in a PowerPoint slide.

It's possible though that these options are not available in the Personal Edition, I don't have much experience with that. To license it, you need to open any document on the QlikViewServer (if you have one), then your PC will automatically pull a license.


Best regards,


Creator III
Creator III


I have the option 'Send to Excel' it is exporting the data, but not the visual as it is. (Not the Visual)

I do not see Export as Image option too.

Are these features available only in the licensed version?

How do I get Qlikserver? I would appreciate if you could provide me some information on this.