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How to Sort a Pivot Table by the automatic Qlikview SubTotal

Hi all,

I'm new in the community and also a new Qlikview user.

I have already looked at several posts here in the community but I couldn't find out exactly what I was looking for.

I have created this pivot table:


it has 6 dimensions, but I am going to show only 3: Country, Year and Week n° (which is a calculated dimension =week(Document_Date))

I have only 1 expression, represented by the count - distinct of the document  of each country.

I have added the automatic subtotal as shown, and now I need to sort the Country by the column Total.

The week N° is also sorted by Value number.

I think  I have to use "sort by expression" in the sort table, but I did so many tries with no result.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you so much.


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Have you tried sorting by y value on the sort tab?

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‌Hi Sunny, thanks for your replay!

Actually yes, but it didn't work, and on the other hand I lost the sort by value applied to the Week N dimensions.

Thanks a lot anyway.