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How to Write VB or JavaScript to Export Editscript and system tables information by using Binary load with variables

Hi All,

Could you any one please help me to "How to write VBScript or JavaScript in Macro's for Export Edit script and System tables into another directory.

Actually my requirement is I have sample.qvw application in this application I have Data model like star schema or snowflake schema.

I was write VB Script or Java Script in another .QVW application, in this application I was import "sample.qvw" qlikview application by using Binary Load. In this Binary Load I was use variables like .QVW application directory and .QVW application name and we call this binary load by using .Bat file.

Now my requirement is  when I was reload this current .QVW application with "sample.qvw" by using Binary load then after reload this application then macro will generate Edit Script and Systems Tables (sample.qvw) information into another Location.

My Binary Load Script is :

BINARY [$(QVW_Dir)\$(Tab).qvw];

The above Binary load

     (QVW_Dir) is ---.QVW application Directory

     (Tab) is ----.QVW application Name.

When I will reload current .qvw application then after I want to store (Tab) .QVW application Name file Edit Script and Systems Tables.

So could you any one please help me for this.



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Hi All,

Could you any one please help to this