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How to accumulate YTD with other Datepoint then today?


I have this expression in a straight table with month as dimension

sum(aggr( rangesum( above( Sum({<MOTP_ID = {"<3000"}, KONTO_ID ={">=30000"} >} Value),0,12) ),Month))

Now I get the accumulated value in the missing months (thera are no data for prev month until the breakpoint / 9th in next month) Ie today it´s the accumulated value from oct in both nov and dec. Insted I would like the table to end at oct as if the user manually selects jan-oct in the monthfield

The breakpoint/value are stored in a  separe field named breakpoint. That field onlu cointans the last month nr, 1-12. one value, not multiple.

So insted of YTD I want YTBreakpoint. How should I solve this?

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