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Creator III
Creator III

How to calculate MAT with two dimensions

Hi Guys,

I need to calculate MAT for the available data

Moving Average Turnover (MAT):


1. Year

2. Brand

Expression : (Current Year - Previous Year) / Previous Year

Current Year : latest 12 months i.e.,(Aug-15 to Jul-16)

Previous Year : previous latest 12 months i.e.,(Aug-14 to Jul-15)

Expression output value should be plotted in latest year i.e., 2016

Need to show all the Year

Example 1:

Dimension      Expression

2016           (Current Year (Aug-15 to Jul-16) - Previous Year (Aug-14 to Jul-15)) / Previous Year (Aug-14 to Jul-15))

2015           (Current Year (Aug-14 to Jul-15) - Previous Year (Aug-13 to Jul-14)) / Previous Year (Aug-13 to Jul-14))

sooo on for the remaining years

Month interval has to vary based on the selection

Exanple 2:

Selection: Year= 2016 Month= Apr

Dimension      Expression

2016           (Current Year (May-15 to Apr-16) - Previous Year (May-14 to Apr-15)) / Previous Year (May-14 to Apr-15))

2015           (Current Year (May-14 to Apr-15) - Previous Year (May-13 to Apr-14)) / Previous Year (May-13 to Apr-14))

sooo on for the remaining years

Selection: Year= 2015

Dimension      Expression

2015           (Current Year (Jan-15 to Dec-15) - Previous Year (Jan-14 to Dec-14)) / Previous Year (Jan-14 to Dec-14))

2014           (Current Year (Jan-14 to Dec-14) - Previous Year (Jan-13 to Dec-13)) / Previous Year (Jan-13 to Dec-13))

sooo on for the remaining years

Attached the same data

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Creator III
Creator III


actually that above chart shows latest 12 month

wen we select the year 2014 according to that it reflects in the Asofperiod chart for latest 12 months


Not sure brother... I don't have time to look at it anymore....

Creator III
Creator III

its ok bro i will work on it further and assist me on if i have any queries