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How to calculate expression using only a part of all the data?

I'll try to explain the situation as best I can. Any help is appreciated.

I have a Customer table, and a Segment table. Segment lists lines of business, like Lumber, or Roofing, etc. Each Customer is linked with one Segment.

I'm working on a box plot, where the customer will be graphed on, say, revenue, in comparison to the other companies in the Segment.

I can calculate the individual company's revenue just by having it selected.

However, how do I calculate total revenue of just the segment "Lumber"?  The TOTAL and ALL expressions give me all the revenues of all the segments, but I want to compare the customer to just their respective segment.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you need Set Analysis

Sum({<Segment = {'Lumber'}>} Revenue)

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Right, but with this method, I would have to hard code 'Lumber'.

Is there a method where I select a customer, and the box plot chart updates with the segment data that the customer is in?


May be like this

Sum({<Customer = , Segment = p(Segment)>} Revenue)

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Hi, I have this in my boxplot (top, bottom, middle, adjusted appropriately), but it's still showing up as just a straight line.

Fractile({<Customer = , Segment = p(Segment)>}vSOLinesequals/vSOequals,.75)

Could you link me some help threads where I can learn more about this set analysis? I looked around but all I could really find is using '1' or '$' which doesn't help my situation. Thanks