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How to create a basic geo map?

I am just starting out with QlikView and was hoping to try and create a basic geo map.  I have data that holds longitude and latitude points and I just want to map this onto a map.  I have looked at the extension examples but am not sure how to physically create a map "object"?  I have selected my table and have my list boxes but am now not sure where to go next... Do I need GeoQlik???  Any help appreciated, thanks.

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Re: How to create a basic geo map?

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Re: How to create a basic geo map?

Thanks, found this one too


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Re: How to create a basic geo map?

Hi susanand,

you should nevertheless have a look at GeoQlik online demos (http://qonnections.geoqlik.com/qlikview/index.htm) to evaluate by yourself the added value of GeoQlik, the professional mapping extension for QlikView, compared to other mapping tools.

We also have a trial version: http://demo.geoqlik.com/geoqlik/index.aspx with a FAQ for GeoQlik beginners.

For any question about GeoQlik, please don't hesitate to contact us on contact@geoqlik.com or to register to our GeoQlik webinars (http://www.geoqlik.com/en/webinars.html).


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