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How to create dashboard with user details, memory consumption


I wanted to design a dashboard which will provide me details as following

1. gives me details about space consume by each user who can RDP to say XYZ server. This XYZ is my QlikView server. I can get the user details from C:\Users

2. I have folder structure as say C:\QlikView\AccessPoint\<Project_Folder>, here I want to know which project is consuming more memory on server.

3. From Task Manager we can get details like which process and user is consuming more memory.

How can fetch this required data.



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Master II
Master II

can u look into Governance dashboard functionality..u can get the same by typing from the qlik,hope that helps!


For disk usage, you can install a tool like

Disk Usage

Run it once a day, create the csv report and then read the csv in your QV script.

3. Are you talking about QV applications the user opens or any processes he may start when using RDP on the server?

If you are asking for latter, you can use some of the process monitoring tools


or maybe the performance monitor: