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How to create dynamic field names in script..

Hi Community.

I have 3 fields Unit_ID, Act_Code, and Trans_Amount.

Please look in to the pivaot table in the attachment. where for each activity code i need to create a separate column for transaction amount.

In the pivote table i have taken Unit_ID, Act_Code, as dimensions and Sum(Trans_Amount)  as expression. and dragged Up the field 'Act_Code' so that table transforms each Activity code as separate columns. This functionality i need at script level. I need to calculate the no. of dynamic columns for each Activity code which holds the Transaction Amount for each Unit_ID.

There are 9 Activity Codes including Blank records.So i need to calculate 9 columns at loading script. For the Blank record there should be also a column saying Trans_Amount_BLANK.

for example there are few Activity codes say AA, A1. (Lets take 2).

I need to a separate field like Trans_Amount_A1, Trans_Amount_A2.

this logic will repeat for all activity codes. NOTE: There are no Transaction Amounts for  Activity Code C2 , So if there is no amount then we can ignore.

I have also attached the sample file with the data.

Please Help me out.



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Re: How to create dynamic field names in script..