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How to delete loops in my data model

hi everyone,

I am a beginner in QlikView.
I tried to charge my QlikView data model and It's generates many loops. I tried contoured it with 'join' or 'concatenate' but it did not work. could someone explain to me why it does not work?

my shema is in attachments:

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Re: How to delete loops in my data model


Try like this

Rename your field name to map with two tables only. Like

ResourceID as Resource_MeasureID in Resource and Resource Measures table

ResourceID as Resource_AssignementID in Resource Assignment and Resource Measures table.

Hope it helps

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Re: How to delete loops in my data model

thank you Mayil Vahanan for your answer  ,

i will keep this in my mind and continue to try undestand the  logic of qlikview

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