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How to display multiple charts for related entities

I'm pretty impressed by QV so far but inevitably manage to hit a brick wall from time to time. I've looked through this site and can't find anything that matches my question - possibly because I don't quiote undertsand if something is a close match or not.

The goal: to create a page showing graphs which display Transaction details over time - of related Transactions.

Basically the main entities involved are the Account holder (identifier Account_ID) - who has one to many Transactions (identifier Transaction_ID) . Each Transaction has historic details of dollar amounts repaid and times when payments were made - amongst many other things

The Qlikview app so far allows the user to pick from a list of Transactions (belonging to any  Account holder) and displays the details and various analyses (using the transaction_ID as the 'key') of any one particular  Transaction at a time - mostly in graphical format although a few tables are included as well..

Basically the graphs show the amount of Principal paid back over a time range (years).  ie.  one axis is Amount and the other Time.

What is being attempted now is to allow the user to pick any Transaction (which is what is done currently) - and  then show a chart each on the same sheet for all Transactions undertaken by the same Account holder. i,e, all transactions that belong to the same Account holder

One small step has been achieved - we have a list of all associated transactions!

What is not clear is how to undertake the next step - which is to show a separate graph for each of the associated Transactions.

Any ideas would be appreciated

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

How to display multiple charts for related entities

Sounds like trellis charts are what you are looking for.