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How to do Group function in Desinger part?

Hello there,

I have a filed called ISSUED DATE. Here, i want to make the date into group week wise only. How it is possible?

Thanks in advance



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How to do Group function in Desinger part?


I suggest create Weekdays of the field and use it to group like

Weekday([ISSUED DATE]) as Weekdays



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How to do Group function in Desinger part?

Hi Anand,

Weekday([ISSUED DATE]) as Weekdays) will return only the weekday, suppose if that day is sunday or monday. but the question is we need to make all the week days in one column, and the data for the week should be showing respectly in different columns.

e.g. 17/10/2011-23/10/2011 (which is one week) that should come in the same row.


Shubham Kumar