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How to find difference between two row values

I have data like In columns  2009         2010          2011

In rows  Budget Allocated   30000       40000        50000

Amount spent                    26000        46000       70000

i need Out put  Like

I have data like In columns  2009        %change      2010    % change        2011   %change

In rows  Budget Allocated   30000              -          40000           5%         50000    10%

Amount spent                    26000              -          46000           10%       70000     25%

i need to find out %change between two year 2010 -2009in budget allocation and %change in amount spent Y-Y

Please help me


Bala prasad

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Re: How to find difference between two row values

You need to use something like this (set analysis)
Sum({<Year={$(=Only(Year)) }>}AmountSpent)-Sum({<Year={$(=Only(Year)-1) }>}AmountSpent)) /Sum({<Year={$(=Only(Year)-1)}>}AmountSpent)
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