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How to force pivot tables to show null data as "GAP"


I am trying to build a pivot table in Qlikview to provide GAP analysis.

I have managed to build the pivot table to show the following information:

CustomerBagsBoxesHangersMail sacks
Customer 1  £500,000GAP  £500,000  £500,000
Customer 2GAP  £500,000GAP  £500,000
Customer 3£100,000GAP  £500,000  £500,000
Customer 4£20,000GAPGAPGAP
Customer 5£8,000GAP£250,000GAP

The problem I now have is if I filter to show just bags (by clicking on Bags) it hides customer 2. I still want to see customer 2 with the "GAP".

Likewise, if I filter by customer 4 it only shows bags, it doesn't show boxes etc with "GAP".

The expression formula being used is " = sum(sales.sales)" and I have then got the table to present "GAP" by ticking the presentation options suppress zero values & suppress missing an use the symbol "GAP".

Can anyone help please?



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Re: How to force pivot tables to show null data as "GAP"

May be as below: