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How to insert a line break between 2 values in a bar chart ? (qlikview)

Hi the community,

Is it possible to insert a line break between the 2 values in a bar chart ?

Here I  use  the expression :

=dual(num(sum( {$<Année=, Mois=, Média>}[ts Visites_supp2]/1000000),'#0 M') &
' (' & num(
(sum({$<Année=, Mois=, Média>}[ts Visites_supp2]))/sum( {$<Année=,Mois=,Média=>} TOTAL <Année>[ts Visites_supp2]),'##.0%') & ')',

num(sum( {$<Année=, Mois=, Média>}[ts Visites_supp2]/1000000) )
+(sum({$<Année=, Mois=, Média>}[ts Visites_supp2]))/sum( {$<Année=,Mois=,Média=>} TOTAL <Année>[ts Visites_supp2]) )

I thought i could use "&chr(10)&", but it does not work.

Any idea ?

Thank you for your help.
bar chart.PNG

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