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How to insert expression in script

Hi All!

I'm trying to insert an expression in my script, but I'm find it dificult to do it. could anyone help me?

Below is the expression:

(Sum(if([Registry ID]=10 , [Resource Account Total Amount with Taxes]/100))
Sum(if([Registry ID]='70' and [Adjust Type]='R' and [Adjust Signal]='-',[Adjust Amount]*(-1)/100))
Sum(if([Registry ID]='70' and [Adjust Type]='R' and [Adjust Signal]='+',[Adjust Amount]/100))
Sum(if([Registry ID]='50' and [Discount Type]='R' and [Discount Signal]='-',[Discount Amount]*(-1)/100))
Sum(if([Registry ID]='60' and [Plan Type]='R' ,[Plan Amount with Taxes]/100)))
Sum(Aggr(If(Count(Distinct(if(left([Unique Resource ID],1)<>' ' and left([Unique Resource ID],1)<>'' and [Registry ID]=60 or [Registry ID]=10,[Unique Resource ID]))) > 0,
Sum(TOTAL <[Unique Account ID]> Aggr(
Sum(If([Adjust Type]='C' and [Adjust Signal]='-',([Adjust Amount]*(-1)/100))))
Sum(If([Adjust Type]='C' and [Adjust Signal]='+',([Adjust Amount]/100)))
Sum(If([Discount Type]='C' and [Discount Signal]='-',([Discount Amount]*(-1))/100))
Sum(If([Plan Type]='C' and [Registry ID] = '60',[Plan Amount with Taxes])/100)
[Unique Account ID], [Unique Resource ID]))/
Sum(TOTAL <[Unique Account ID]> Aggr(Count(Distinct(if(left([Unique Resource ID],1)<>' ' and left([Unique Resource ID],1)<>'' and [Registry ID]=60 or [Registry ID]=10,[Unique Resource ID])))
[Unique Account ID], [Unique Resource ID]))), [Unique Account ID], [Unique Resource ID])))

and below the last scrit:

Outer Join(Fact)
LOAD @1:2 AS [Registry ID],
//Mid(@3:n,001,012) AS [Sequential Recording Control],
Mid(@3:n,013,025) AS [Unique Account ID],
Mid(@3:n,038,008) AS
[Emission Date],
Mid(@3:n,046,006) AS
[Reference Month],
Mid(@3:n,052,008) AS
[Due Date],
Mid(@3:n,060,015) AS
[Client Code],
Mid(@3:n,075,013) AS
[Total Amount],
Mid(@3:n,088,012) AS
[Total Records],
Mid(@3:n,100,013) AS
[Total Amount Records 10],
Mid(@3:n,113,009) AS
[Total Records 10],
Mid(@3:n,122,009) AS
[Total Records 20],
Mid(@3:n,131,013) AS
[Total Amount Records 30],
Mid(@3:n,144,009) AS
[Total Records 30],
Mid(@3:n,153,013) AS
[Total Amount Records 40],
Mid(@3:n,166,009) AS
[Total Records 40],
Mid(@3:n,175,001) AS
[Signal of Total Records 50],
Mid(@3:n,176,013) AS
[Total Amount Records 50],
Mid(@3:n,189,009) AS
[Total Records 50],
Mid(@3:n,198,013) AS
[Total Amount Records 60],
Mid(@3:n,211,009) AS
[Total Records 60],
Mid(@3:n,220,001) AS
[Signal of Total Records 70],
Mid(@3:n,221,013) AS
[Total Amount Records 70],
Mid(@3:n,234,009) AS
[Total Records 70],
Mid(@3:n,243,013) AS
[Total Amount Records 80],
Mid(@3:n,256,009) AS
[Total Records 80],
Mid(@3:n,323,025) AS [Open Field to Carrier]

(fix, codepage is 1252)
WHERE(@1:2 =