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How to link perfectly 2 different fields containing divergent values?


I have to connect 2 different fields containing divergent values. I explain:

We are in an industrial area.

We have numbers for the Quotation (for example: 100000v0) and when we have an Order, a number of Order is created/generated (for example: s60000/00). This number of Order (s60000/00 = field "OPRE_DOSSIER") is linked to the accepted Quotation (100000v0 = field "ELDV_ENDVUNIQ"). Both fields are in the table "FD_ENTETE_DEVI" (see the printscreen below).

Now, Quotations are detailled into different elements. First element is 100000v0-1, the second one is 100000v0-2, and so on. This subdivision of the Quotation is available in the table "FD_ELEM_DEVIS" where we find the general num of Quotation (see above, field "ELDV_ENDVUNIQ" = 100000v0) and the num of each element "ELDV_CODEUNIQ" (100000v0-1 and 100000v0-2). Thus for this example, in table "FD_ELEM_DEVIS", I have :


100000v0                 100000v0-1

100000v0                 100000v0-2

On the other side, I repeat: when we have an Order, on basis of the Quotation, a num of Order is created/generated.

The different elements of quotation are "duplicated" into s60000/00-1 (element 1) and s60000/00-2 (element 2).

But except for the generation, there is no table (I get this information from our system support) that link element 1 of the Quotation with element 1 of the Order (see the printscreen below)

And when we tried to generate a Qlikview report of operators' productivity (for example) with information available in the Quotation, we have a misleading information by element : element 2 s60000/00-2 has information about element 1 100000v0-1 and about element 2 100000v0-2. Because operators work on each element and the report is based on each element, not on the global Order.

And in reality element 1 for example is the same : 100000v0-1 = s60000/00-1.

Thank you for your help. And if it is not clear enough, I can explain more if you want.

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Re: How to link perfectly 2 different fields containing divergent values?

Sorry, the printscreen were not in the previous text.


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Re: How to link perfectly 2 different fields containing divergent values?

I just find a field in the central table (FD_ENTETE_DEVI), called "ENDV_NBR_ELEMENT" that indicates the number of element of each quotation/order (1 to x).

Can I build an intermediate table that generates/duplicates (by iteration / with a variable value) the number of rows of each quotation/order?

thank you for your help.