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How to load excel data dynamically

Hi all,

I have loaded excel file (excel1) already into qlikview with the field names of (Country,State,productname,soldyear......like 60 columns)--->this data for July month 2015.

I am trying to load related data to above but with column header name are slight different.But i need to concatenate to above excel1.

I know that rename in script will be work but it takes long to change because i have 60 columns.

Could you please help me on that how can add data to excel1 without changing header columns?



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Re: How to load excel data dynamically


Re: How to load excel data dynamically

Hard to get around with some renaming, but it can be minimized if you have many files with same structure (same amount of fields in same order).

Say you have the first load:





FROM [file1] (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1) ;

For the next loads you can change to refer to generic column headings and rename, by setting to no labels and header is 1 lines (to ignore the labels):


A As Field1,

B As Field2,

C As Field3

FROM [file2] (ooxml, no labels, header is 1 lines, table is Sheet1)

As you see, some renaming needed, but it follows a pattern and can be used in the methods of looping through many files like in the threads that qlikviewwizard linked to. Again, it does require that all files have the "same" columns (but with different names) and in same order. If that's not the case, it gets more complicated.