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How to pull usage from specific SAP plant for previous months

Hi all;

I have a file with 50 months of usage data, 17 different locations (plants), and over 12k part numbers.  I am trying to pull data for previous months.  Here is the expression I have written:

sum({$<[Plant]={"1010"}>}{<[=[Posting Date.autoCalendar.MonthsAgo]={1}>}[Qty])

I am using part number 123456 as my test.

What I am trying to do here is pull only the usage data from [Plant] "1010" for the previous month, in this case 06-2018.  The answer should be is 18 but what I am getting is 69.  This total is for all 5 plants that used this part over the previous month.  I changed the plant to a plant that did not use the part this previous month but I still arrive at 69 as the answer.

I have used the following expression when I am pulling data for all of the months in a line or bar graph:

(sum({$<[FSE/Cust Cons]={"FSE Backpack"}>}[EUR])).

Obviously I just tried to combine both expressions together but somehow I messed it up.

Any advice would be much appreciated.