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How to selectively apply filters

Hi All,

I am trying to selectively apply my filters in one of my dashboards. There are 4 total charts that I am trying to integrate together. The basic outline of my dashboard is below. I have also attached a copy of the dashboard if that makes it easier for anyone. There are two basic selective filters I would like to make.

1. I would like to set it up so that when I click on Chart 1(top left), the data listed in the chart3 (bottom) updates to show only the items related to the selected dimension. Then, chart 2(middle top) updates its results to based upon the data related to the items listed in the new chart3. The problem I am having with this is that both chart 1 and chart 2 are the same dimension, so when I click on one, the other updates to show only the dimension selected.

2. I would like to make chart 4(top right) an exclusionary table. So if it is possible to make it a drop down list of the dimensions remaining in chart 2, and select which dimension I would like to exclude. Once I chose what dimension to exclude, I would hope that chart 3 updates to reflect the change.

If it is possible to track all of the current selections made, that would also be helpful.

I know these are tricky requests, but any help would be appreciated.