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How to show/hide an Object using a Button

My plan is to create 2 buttons that will bring/disappear corresponding charts with each "Qlik". What I have done is created

Sales button: under general, -------Color --- calculated base color and in the Expn I have: if(vshowchart='Sales',RGB(0,255,0), RGB(120,120,120))

under Action, I have set the value of the variable "vshowchart" to Sales, which is also in the general Text area (basically the name of the button.

and I have linked this button to the chart on this particular sheet by ------under layout ------- show---- conditional ----- vshowchart = 'Sales'

Like wise I have another chart and button with the same steps except I have named it 'Cost'

But IT IS NOT WORKING. Can you please spot what I am doing wrong. I got the inspiration from the following place:

Show and Hide Multiple Objects - YouTube  

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Re: How to show/hide an Object using a Button


Try this Link, it may helps you

Hide and Show using Text or Button Object




Re: How to show/hide an Object using a Button


1.Create two buttons( ased on condition at a time only one u can see..)Show and Hide....

2.Show button:Action:

set variables vSales=1,vHide=1,vShow=0

Hide button :Action:

set variables vSales=0,vShow=1,vHide=0

3.in Chart > layout> condition show. when vShow=1.