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How to split the qvw file?


I want to split qlikview (qvw) file because the size of the file is 8 GB and I am not able to copy it on my machine. Is there any tool or technique to do this?



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Re: How to split the qvw file?

I dont think thats possible.

One way of retrieving the data.. and if you know the tables or the structure.. you can do a binary load of the document and then drop all the unnecessary tables (bulky ones)... and store only the required tables in that qvw...

hope that helps..

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Re: How to split the qvw file?

You could try this:

File | Reduce Data | All Possible Values

Save the file

Create a copy of the file

Remove some parts of the original and some parts of the copy to suit whatever split you're trying to make.

Reload both.

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