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How to update and delete records into QVD

Hi all,

I have a SQL script in which I perform incremental load. The incremental load as you know adds to existing QVD. 

My question is, how do I delete or update certain records in the QVD as a result of changes in the data source?


Example, I have two orders in QVD loaded from the database. Later when I perform incremental reload adding newer order, one of the two orders in QVD is deleted in the database, however this won't be deleted in the QVD. Please let me know what method/script/load do I apply to delete these records not present in the database but present in QVD?

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Re: How to update and delete records into QVD

When you reload from QVD you can do an exists against unique keys from DB. or an inner join
e.g. you have orderid as the unique key of the table. you can get just list of orderids from DB populate into a temp table and inner join this to qvd

check below #3 gives insert update delete technique overview
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