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How to use inputfield

Hi everyone!

I need some help about the use/syntax of the input field in the script.

I have a value that i have to increase of n% through an input field.

I add

INPUTFIELD increase;

before the load statements of the various table.

But then? Who I can use "increase" to create a new field?

Any suggest?

Thanks a lot,


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Re: How to use inputfield


using input field you can change the values of particular field. You can't create a new field using Input field. If you want to edit the values of Increase field, Take this field in Listbox or tablebox. You will find arrow symbol to edit the values. It will update the value to the present application not for actuall database.

Hope it helps you

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Re: How to use inputfield

Thanks, I have a bit of confusion about the input field.

However... After I declare the inputfield increase, there isn't this field that I can use as "Dimensions" for example in a listbox.

So I can't do the things you told me.

I hope I was clear.

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Re: How to use inputfield

Please check the enclosed file. If you taken Input field in the dimension there is no use.