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I can not find qv-user-manager.exe

Hello Forums/Friends,

I have QV Version 11.

I cannot find the qv-user-manager.exe in QlikView folder. Can I know where it can be.

I want to implement the DMS users.

I want a example of few data in text format having the all username with password which I want to implement as DMS users.

Please help to the above for Implementation of DMS.

Thanks in Advance


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

It's part of the PowerTools 1.1 for QlikView

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Hello G Wassennar,

Please don't ignore it. I am struck off here.

I had QlikView 11 version.

I had done following step for implementation on DMS but unsucced. When I going to Access Pint of QlikView it is showing as login failed.

I will let you know step by step so that u can guide me where I am wrong.

I had created of sample1.qvw. Which I had copied in c:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents.

1. In System-> Directory Service Connector->Custom Directory created one User as user1 and password as user. And Enter Path as c:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DirectoryServiceConnector\customuser

(Before that I just created the above mentioned folder)

After doing above Clicked on Apply

2. In System->QlikView Web Servers->Authentication

a. Selected Type as  Custom User.

b. In Parameter: Prefix: CUSTOM (Word CUSTOM already there. Nothing done here)

c. Selected Login Address as Alternate Login Page(web form).

After doing above Clicked on Apply

3.With the help of Documents Tab. Given access right to the user1.

After doing all above thing I had restart the server of QlikView Webserver(Access Point).

Now, when I using the url of Access Point. After some time ask Login id and password where I had done the following things

1. Given Login as user1 and password as user  (Here it is showing as Login failed).

2. So next time I had given Login as CUSTOM\user1 and password as user  (Then also it is showing as Login Failed).

Please, let me know where I am wrong. Any other step is required to get in QlikView Login for QlikView Access Point. or something else is pending.

I am expecting some solution from you. I will be very thankful if give the solution.

Thanks in Advance



Hi, Shan Dar

From the QlikView help:


To configure the path to the directory service, click on the Get Default icon, , to use the default path, or enter a valid path in this text box.

Note! This text box should not be empty.

Default value:

CustomYou don't need to specify a physical path to the filesystem for it to work. You should be able to log in using the default path Custom (nor you need to create a new folder on the ProgramData structure). When you go to http://your_server_name/qlikview, what URL is the browser showing for authentication?

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Hello Luis Cortizo,

1st let me tell you lot thanks for showing me the way out. Again I request to do one favour on me.

FYI, I had created one user as user1.

I had created one sample1.qvw which I had copied in c:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents and I can see the same sample1.qvw in Documents->User Documents. I had given the rights to user1 for viewing purpose.

But, When I logging user1 as user in Access Point I could'nt see sample1.qvw. It request to you can you please help me how to go about it.

Thanks in Advance