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I cannot open the qvw file created by myself!

I am using the 12.0.20400.0 SR5 64-bit Edition (x64),  personal edition, I was using well, but today I downloaded a demo from official website and opened in my local, then I can not open any of my previous files, it said the file is NOT created by myself, but they are really created by myself in my only laptop!!

Please help! thanks!

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Yes, You can not even you download from that. And You must need License to do?

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I understand your situation, everyone will have 4 chance to open the files developed by other users and if they exceed the count and then they will not be allowed to open the app developed on their own machine.



Personal Edition FAQs

Hope this helps to you



Hi Yue,

you can't open that .qvw file directly without QV Desktop License.

If you want the Data Model used in that file just use that as a source file (Binary Load) so that you will get the same Data model.and u can create UI(User interface easily for that data.

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Master II

hi Yue

As you can only open only a limited number of file using the personal edition of Qlikview. TO open and edit more you need to purchase the Qlikview developer license. please use binary load to open the previously created file(open and see the data) from a new qlikview document.

let us know if any help is required.



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