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Contributor III
Contributor III

I need to write following if statements?

Hi All,

This is the correct logic for the Forecast Category V2:

If Forecast Catergory in (Commit, Omitted,Upside,Won) then Forecast Catergory

                If Forecast Catergory in (Pipeline ) then (if SalesStage in (01 - Understand Customer,02 - Validate Opportunity) then ‘Early Stage Unflagged’  else

if SalesStage in (03 - Qualify the Opportunity,04A - Develop Solution,4B - Propose Solution,05 - Negotiate & Close) then ‘Late Stage Unflagged’

How to write above  if statements in qlikview script ? Could please give me some suggestions


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Contributor III
Contributor III

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May be this

If(Match([Forecast Catergory], 'Commit', 'Omitted', 'Upside', 'Won'), [Forecast Catergory],

If([Forecast Catergory] = Pipeline,

     If(Match(SalesStage, '01 - Understand Customer', '02 - Validate Opportunity'), ‘Early Stage Unflagged’,

     If(Match(SalesStage, '03 - Qualify the Opportunity', '04A - Develop Solution', '4B - Propose Solution', '05 - Negotiate & Close'), ‘Late Stage Unflagged’)))) as NewField

Contributor III
Contributor III


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