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IE Plugin "Menu" --> "Server Objects..." missing


My company has just upgraded QV from v8.5 to v11.

Previously in the IE Plugin, in the Menu button, after expanding it, there is a "Server Object..." item.  If I click on it, a new window (Server Objects Dialog window) with 2 tabs (My Server Objects, and Shared Objects) will show up, allowing me to share / subscribe server objects.

But after IT upgraded QV to v11, I can no longer find the "Server Object..." item in there for me to share / subscribe server objects.  I know I can do it somehow use the "Server Objects Pane" but I find it very difficult to find the desired server object. 

My question is, is the Server Objects Dialog window available in v11?  And how can I / IT enable it?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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Re: IE Plugin "Menu" --> "Server Objects..." missing

Anyone got any idea?  I still cannot find it...

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Re: IE Plugin "Menu" --> "Server Objects..." missing

More info are present in Release Notes for version 11 .

here you can read :

The Menu option and Dialog box for interacting with Server objects have been removed. The

View | Show Server Objects menu commands should be used to interact with server objects.

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