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If Statement Short-circuiting ERROR !!

Hello There,

I am facing problem when i am writing a condition with if statement which is not giving me the right values .

The Syntax is given below:

sum(if(vReportDate=[Posting Date] and (Season <>vCurrentSeason or (Season='NA' and Department='COR')),Quantity*-1))

I have to make a if statement in which posting date is the date which is entered by the user and season of a particular item is not equal to current season and also when season is NA and department is COR, it should NOT be included and rest all the season and department be included.

Kindly Help. I am Stuck !

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Re: If Statement Short-circuiting ERROR !!


          if (  ($(vReportDate)=[Posting Date] and Season <>$(vCurrentSeason))


                 (Season='NA' and Department='COR')