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If Statement in Data range

I am trying to create an IF statement to call out the data from a date range, for 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month, for a specific type of product.

{<[Date]={if(">=$(=Date(AddMonths(LasRefresh,-3)) <=$(=Date(AddMonths(LasRefresh,-2)))",'3 Months'

,if(">=$(=Date(AddMonths(LasRefresh,-2)) <=$(=Date(AddMonths(LasRefresh,-1)))",'2 Months')

,if(">=$(=Date(AddMonths(LasRefresh,-1)) <=$(=Date(AddMonths(LasRefresh,-1)))",'1 Month')}
,[Product Type]={'Sale'}
>} [Date] )


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Re: If Statement in Data range

Why don't you just try to add the conditional statement at back end and create one extra field though script.

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Re: If Statement in Data range

How and what should I add to my expression/script in order to make what i want to display?


Re: If Statement in Data range

Joey, check the following Design Blog Link and note there are some other links at the bottom of that post as well:


Hopefully this will help you get things sorted out and feel free to back the URL up to the Qlik-Design-Blog/ level and use the search dialog there to dig further if you wish.


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