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If or statement


Can someone tell me how to use an If statement with an or

I am not to familiar with the syntax currently

I want to say If Cust = A or B then ..... etc

I know how to build the formula etc I just want to know what the cleanest way of using the Or formula is eg would I have to build it in as below

if(customer = 'A' or customer = 'B', 1,2)

or is there a cleaner way such as a If(customer = 'A' or 'B', 1,2)


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Re: If or statement


Have a look at the Match() function.

Best Regards,     Bill

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Re: If or statement


It seems, your IF syntax is correct. If you want to try bit different then use below expression:

IF(Match(customer, 'A','B') > 0, 1,2)