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If statement based on no field selected

Hi Guys

Further to below post I have written a condition in the expression that will color background based on whether a particular report is selected and what value is in a Totals field.

if(Report='CBINT' and [Total]<=600,RGB (0,255,0),if(Report='CBINT' and [Total]<=800,RGB (255,255,0),if(Report='PAYMENTS/I&I' and [Total]<=70,RGB (0,255,0),if(Report='PAYMENTS/I&I' and [Total]<=110,RGB (255,255,0),if(Report='IRE' and [Total]<=50,RGB (0,255,0),if(Report='IRE' and [Total]<=75,RGB (255,255,0),if(Report='ROI Bank' and [Total]<=250,RGB (0,255,0),if(Report='ROI Bank' and [Total]<=500,RGB (255,255,0),if(Report='ROI Bank' and Report='CBINT' and Report='IRE'and Report='PAYMENTS/I&I' and [Total]<=920,RGB (0,255,0),if(Report='ROI Bank' and Report='CBINT' and Report='IRE'and Report='PAYMENTS/I&I' and [Total]<=1406,RGB (255,255,0),RGB (185,0,0)))))))))))

This works perfectly , but my issue is the last part in bold I wish to have a rule on the whole formula as a whole that states if when no option in [Report] is selected if its <920 Green <1406 orange otherwise red.

I have tried different variations of this but cant get it to work !! Can anyone advise if there is a way to write in a formula when no field selected.

I have this also posted as part of another discussion ( background colour set in Expression) as it was a lead on from there but I need to know this rule so I may apply same logic in other formulas in my workbook



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