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Ignore outliers in a graph

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering whether it is possible to ignore statistical outliers (fe. >2*standarddeviation (alternatives are welcome as well)) from the calculation of an performance graph.

Formula below currently calculates the blue line shown above.

AVG(aggr((Sum(Aggr(fabs(Date(avg(TOTAL <[inkooporderregel link]>
If(volgnrhist = Max(TOTAL <[inkooporderregel link]> volgnrhist),Datum_uiterlijke_leverdatum),
[inkooporderregel link],volgnrhist
aggr(max(Datum_ontvangst),[inkooporderregel link])),[inkooporderregel link]))),[inkooporderregel link]))

It represents the absolute deviation in actual delivery date in comparisson to the last confirmed delivery date


LineConfirmed delivery dateActual delivery dateAbsolute deviation

The Average deviation would be 7 and standarddeviation is 7.34. In case where I would see deviations exceeding the average by 2*standarddeviation as outliers I would see 22 as an outlier and the average with the outlier not taken into acoount is 4.

Thus, Can anyone help me to ingore outliers in such a calculation?

Note: I can not work with a min level or max level (it should be a statistical outlier)

Many thanks in advance


3 Replies

It might be easy to test out if you can share a qvw?


Hereby a sample of the data needed.

Since I don't understand the data in your application, I am having a hard time knowing what the expected output needs to be for your sample... Would you be able to explain what rows needs to be excluded from the line chart based on Avg +/- 2 Stdev?