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Importing .EDI files into QlikView

Hi Guys,

Really need your help with this.

Is there a way that .edi files can be imported via a QlikView load script?

Hope you can help!


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Re: Importing .EDI files into QlikView

We have nothing to directly read in EDI files, you would have to try using the transformation part of the load wizard in order to try to get what you need, but I cannot recall how structured EDI files are at this point, worked for a bank way back, but memory is not good enough to recall those details! 🙂  The only other thing would be to potentially write your own data connector etc., or see if you can find a third-party connector that you might be able to use from our script editor.  

The following was one thing I found doing a quick Google search, so it does appear there are vendors out there that have done this, the trick is finding something affordable that lets you convert things into a format we can more easily digest.  What I will do also is send a note to the Connectors product team to see if they have this on their radar or not as well, no promises, but maybe they will consider looking into it.  Sorry I do not have better news for you.

Sorry, forgot to paste the link, but then I figured it might be better to let you just search on your own to see what you can find since you know better than I do what you need here.  I did email the product team as well with the post, so they can have a look, so if you have more information on the use case, adding that might help.


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