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Inconsistent Values



my model is about Call Centre telephone data.

I am following QV best practice principles - multiple fact tables - one central linked table.

The normal calls and abandoned calls both contain Date, HalfHour Segment (HHseg) and skills.

so if I built the solution using ONLY Date and Halfhour as key - the values I get are correct (see chart)

if I add Skills to the key, it gets totally incorrect figures (I include data files so you can have a look).

Please can you assist me..I need to get this sorted because I need to add more tables that could 'fit' the key setup.

Thank you - please, this is urgent for my work.

much appreciated

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Re: Inconsistent Values

Maybe you could try to make all the data type of the key as the same.

For example, if there is both number and text, use Text (key_field) as new_key_field

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Re: Inconsistent Values

Hi Lorna,

I would put the abandoned and normal Calls in 1 facts table (Calls) with the Concatenate(Table) statement. You can add a type "Normal" and "Abandoned" in order to use it later in a set analysis statement when needed.

The Skill number should be present in both tables in a correct manner...handle it in a proper way so they be exactly the same with commands like trim, num etc...

like define a variable: set vKey= num(trim($1)  ) or maybe with Keepchar ($1,'0123456789').

Later use it in the load statement like: $(vKey(Skill_no)) as #Skill_Key

good luck...

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Re: Inconsistent Values

Hello Felix

thank you for your reply.

I agree - this would be a good solution - if Normal and Abandoned calls were the only tables to be added..

there are a few still to be added - some dont contain e.g. the skill, others not the HHSegment...

I could concatenate all but then we're talking a HUGE table..

any ideas?

thank you so much