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Incremental QVD Generation : Last Update Date issue.

Hello All,

i am having scenario as per below an i don't know how to handle this scenario.


i have one view "XX_INCREMENTAL_DEMO", using this view i am generating QVD based on incremental Load.

my view have data as per below.


and i am using below syntax for incremental load.







    WHERE  $(Qvc.Loader.v.IncrementalExpression)

    and unit_selling_price is not null ;   //Because of this condition line_id 8 and 9 will not be part of this QVD.

so my QVD looks like below.


now after one or two days my view will have data for UNIT_SELLING_PRICE and it will not Update LAST_UPDATE_DATE.

after one or two days my view will be like below.


as you can see Last update date is not update incremental load is not considering this lines.

anyone have idea how to handle this kind of situation in Qlik?

Thanks in Advance.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Incremental QVD Generation : Last Update Date issue.

Tell your source database to stop telling you lies. The records were updated since, so the Last_update_date value should reflect that. Garbage in, garbage out. That's not something Qlikview can solve for you.

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Re: Incremental QVD Generation : Last Update Date issue.

Thanks for your reply gwassenaar‌.

in my scenario i am having VIEW and the column "Unit_selling_price" i am getting by executing function.

and Last_Update_date is coming from table. so for Unit_selling_price today function may not return value but tomorrow it will return value but Last_update_date in table will not updated.

that is the case for me. is there any way to handle this gwassenaar?