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Individual PIE charts to display 100%

Hi All,

I have a typical requirement  where the Total of Single PIE has to be 100%.

I am displaying Trellis chart for the User.

When 3 Products and 3 Months for example P1, P2  and P3 are selected and months selected are 201010, 201011 and 201012, following data is displayed in Pivot table.

         201010   201011   201012

P1         10            20           30

P2         20            40           60 

P3         30            60           90

Now, when i display the same in Trellis PIE chart, it displays as

for 201010, P1 has 10/360= 2.7%

for 201010, P2 has 20/360 = 5.4%

for 201010, P3 has 30/360=11.2%

Hence the total for 201010 PIE  is 19.3%, but end user requirment is total of PIE percentages should be 100%.

Can this be achieved?

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Individual PIE charts to display 100%


Assuming that your fields are Product, Month and Qty you can put this expression (not a relative one) in your treillis :

=sum(Qty)/sum(total <Month> Qty)

With Month as the first dimension and Product the second one.




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Individual PIE charts to display 100%

Thank you Vincent!!...it works!

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