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Input Box Help

i have two input box , first vertical and then plant

my inputbox has the following data look as

vertical     Plant

Blade       1003,1008,2501

Nacelle     1005,1004

in my input box if i select blade then i should only able see its respective plants.

So please help me out on this issue

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Contributor III

Re: Input Box Help

Hi sumitthakur.mpvm.

May I ask why you use an input box for this?

The "QlikView way" is by taking benefit of the extremely efficient associative data model and thus associating verticals with 0..n plants.

Table examples (pseudo code):

Table Verticals:

Vertical, Plant

Blade, 1003

Blade, 1008

Blade, 2501

Nacelle, 1004

Nacelle, 1005

Table Plants:







Then if you select vertical Blade, you get all associated Plants 1003, 1008 and 2501.

Maybe this will help you?

Kind regards

Magnus Åvitsland

BI Consultant

Framsteg Business Intelligence Corp.

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