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Input Variable

Hi All

I have 2 Different calendars in my script that links to seperate tables, I need to show the date on my QlikView model so that the customer can select the date, but i dont want to show 2 calendars on my model only one...So what i need is a way to link or have 1 date that contains both of the calendars YYYYMMDD as one, so that if you select a date it will give you the Income and Purchases on different tables but on the exact same date...I can't link these tables otherwise i will get a loop...Is there maybe a way i can do this with an input variable??

If anyone can help would you mind expaining...

Kind Regards And Thanks In Advance.

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Re: Input Variable

Stevie - Please can you upload the sample QV document? I think you need to use intervalmatch or a join to link both the calendars.