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Integration with Linkedin without 3rd party extensions

Hi everyone,

I was wondeing if there was a way to integrate linkedin to a Qlikview application without using QVSource (or any other 3rd party extensions). If so, how would you go about doing this.


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I've a similar question. How does QlikView integrate with Linkedin Data?. Does Linkedin offer their data at a service for free/do they charge?


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You can find the custom connections from 3rd party vendors at QlikMarket.

Please check the QlikMarket (QV Source API Connecter) at Qlikview home website


Yes you can connect to LinkedIn without using QVSource but you would have to build your own API connection using LinkedIn's API.  At the basic level this with what QVSource has done.


HEy Josh,

I want to ask you that in my qlikview application , i want to analyse the data in same way as in linkedin . I mean i have upploaded my linkedin account data in qlikview with connectors. Now i want to search in my qlikview application for all the qlikview developers on linkedin . How can i dos o ?? Please tell me.