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Intersection & Exclusion : Need help in an expression

Hi the community !

Anybody could help me in resolving that issue ?

The List 1 'BEFORE' gives all the pages seen before an Event (payment).
The List 2 'AFTER' gives all the pages seen after the last Event.

In a straight table, with the dimension 'Page', i can see the 2 groups of pages, using those 2 expressions that work :

Expression 1 = 'BEFORE'
count( {< [@Visit ID]={"=min(p.Content) < min(p.Event)"} >} DISTINCT [ID-content])

Expression 2 = 'AFTER'
count( {< [@Visit ID]={"=min(p.Content) > max(p.Event)"} >} DISTINCT [ID-content])


I need to identify the pages of Expression 2 that are not seen by the Expression 1.

Do you think i can do it in a expression ?
I do not manage to do it.

Thank you for your help !

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Re: Intersection & Exclusion : Need help in an expression

Would you be able to show this with means of an example as to what you want to get?

Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: Intersection & Exclusion : Need help in an expression

If you managed to sort things out, please consider closing the thread by posting what you did and then use the Accept as Solution button on that post to mark that as the solution.  If you still require help, please provide further information per Sunny's post.  The best I can offer otherwise is the following link you can use to search the Design Blog area to see if you can find something that may help there.



To help users find verified answers, please do not forget to use the "Accept as Solution" button on any post(s) that helped you resolve your problem or question.
I now work a compressed schedule, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so those will be the days I will reply to any follow-up posts.